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How We Can Help You

Red Devil Heater Mfg. Inc. manufactures elements in stainless steel, incoloy, copper sheaths, and open coil, from 5/16" and 7/16" (nominal) OD (outside diameter) to a maximum of 15 ft. straight length. We match most configurations of elements typically supplied by other manufacturers.

We make air and immersion type heaters mounted on pipe flanges, screwplugs, and tank wall fittings, used in industrial and domestic ovens, water tanks, cleaning tanks, saunas, hot water and steam boilers, sterilizers, and store freezer cases.

We can provide custom designs suitable to your needs.


Red Devil Heater offers a wide selection of standard and customized products, depending on the customer's needs.

Commercial Oven1Commercial FurnaceResidential FurnaceIndustrial ScrewplugLiguid OTS HeaterResidential Screwplug

What's New

Red Devil Heater is constantly looking for new products to introduce to consumers. We focus on new technologies, innovations, and inventions.

We have recently added a new product to our line, a water conditioner developed by HydroFlow Canada.


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